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Our physicians can provide treatments that help prevent these types of complications. If you are looking for a place to really try to change your life, Muse is a great place! If I ever had a problem, or was feeling like using, I could go to them sober house and they’d talk to me. I had never had people who cared about me so much that weren’t family. I still stay in touch with people I went through the house with, we go to meetings and go surfing and other things I never did when I was loaded.

outpatient alcohol rehab near me

Peer supporters like Kelli fully understand how to help those struggling overcome their addiction and find the path to successful recovery. Telehealth provides more access to outpatient services, flexibility in scheduling your appointments, access from a comfortable place of your choice, and no traveling or waiting. The Source Treatment Center help line is a private and confidential solution for those seeking recovery from drugs or alcohol. Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden is the perfect location for a family-friendly fun day outdoors. This beautiful location spans at least 83-acres and features a variety of breathtaking scenery. Whether you are interested in taking your camera along and capturing some of this area or you would like to pack a picnic and enjoy the fresh air, you are sure to love your time at this location.

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If inpatient rehab seems very overwhelming or the cost is too high for the patient or their family, outpatient rehab may be the right avenue. Addiction recovery is a complicated process, and it is an ongoing process throughout sobriety. Previous attempts at rehabilitation that did not pan out should not be seen as a failure. Those attempts are stepping stones to help get patients to where they need to be. Recovery is a process and continues to be a process even after getting clean.

outpatient alcohol rehab near me

Drug or alcohol addiction can lead to physical, psychological, and emotional damage. By moving from inpatient treatment to intensive outpatient substance abuse treatment, you will have the opportunity to gradually transition to being an active, healthy member of society once again. We offer such programs for those struggling with addiction to drugs or alcohol, and we can also help those with a dual diagnosis to overcome their addiction and manage an accompanying mental health issue.

What if I don’t have VA health care benefits?

Others may find that they are unable to stop drinking, even when it causes serious consequences in their lives. When a person loses control over drinking and begins to show signs of an alcohol use disorder — the clinical term for alcohol addiction or alcoholism — it is time to consider outpatient alcohol rehab. Outpatient alcohol rehab is not appropriate for patients who live in an environment that makes recovery difficult. For example, if you are living with a partner who also abuses alcohol but is not ready to stop, outpatient care is probably not suitable.

Having support from loved ones, good transportation, and a stable place to live also are important. In standard outpatient treatment, you may have 1 or 2 group therapy sessions a week. Sessions may be in the evening or on weekends so you can go to work. Outpatient treatment happens in mental health clinics, counselors’ offices, hospital clinics, or local health department offices. Patients with mild to moderate substance withdrawal symptoms might find outpatient detoxification a fitting alternative to residential detox.

Partial Hospitalization Alcohol & Drug Rehab

Follow us on social media for your daily dose of solutions to drug and alcohol addiction. It’s impossible to determine how many sessions of this type of treatment that you will need for it to be effective. However, once we are able to help you to regulate your brainwaves, you may notice a difference in the way that you respond to certain forms of stimulation, and your addictive qualities begin to dissipate. When you are struggling with addiction, you may feel as though you are completely alone.

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